“Lauren has been an incredible source of insightful and perceptive guidance. From advise on planting and cooking with local growth to making tinctures and teas, Lauren has helped me so much. She made these beautiful tinctures for me when I was pregnant with meticulous instructions to help during my pregnancy and also after. Having her as a sounding board has been priceless. She's a wonderful listener and is also very realistic and matter-of-fact which strikes a good balance of energy.”


'“Lauren brings a delightful healing energy that softy encourages all around her ( plants & people alike ) to transform and grow. Her wise woman herbal wisdom is deeply rooted and intertwines with every thing she does and is shared in the most practical ways. I have worked with Lauren in multiple capacities and have been consistently impressed with her abilities. As an herbalist Lauren is fierce and persistent like some kind of plant that only grows in extremely cold atmospheres, she will not give up or let you down. She encourages me as we seek to find herbal medicine to promote hormonal balance within my body. She is a phenomenal workshop facilitator who comes prepared, knowledgeable and naturally funny as hell. As a Reiki practitioner her intuition is on point and she shares healing energy with grace. Lauren is a true gem, a refreshing healer, and possibly even a real life fairy.”


“Lauren is a deeply present Reiki practitioner and herbalist who is invested in the wellbeing of both your spiritual and physical body. Her recommendations as an herbalist are both personal and insightful and her holistic whole body approach is a welcome relief in our over medicated society. As a Reiki practitioner, Lauren is tremendously gifted. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to align with their best self.”


“I had never received Reiki before until I met Lauren. I have had a few session with her and each time is totally different and extremely rewarding. She had guided me through relaxing, full-body and mind experiences. I finish the session feeling grounded, confident and very relaxed. She has a fierce intuition and is a gifted healer.”


“Lauren is an amazing young woman. Her passion in her craft is evident from the moment you meet her. Lauren gave me her undivided attention and really listened to my needs. Her Reiki sessions are extremely powerful and provide a sense of peace that is truly hard to describe. Her dedication to helping others is extraordinary!”