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Lauren Schoch


*Health Coach

*Reiki Master Teacher

A healing story...

When we begin to renew our connection to Nature and her rhythmic cycles we invite balance back into our lives. Our human bodies are constantly working toward health and homeostasis. Developing an awareness of what goes in and on our bodies, where it comes from and how it gets to us can be a great first step on this co-creative venture. These were my first steps in healing the maladies of my body, mind and soul.

Deep within my own struggles, I found herbalism and the wondrous circle of holistic healers it brought with it and this changed my life. I was able to find my way through brush and bramble of the dark forest because I was developing the tools I needed to help heal myself. Through meditation and rest I was able to hear myself again and reawaken the ancient wisdom that resides in us all. I worked on changing my attitude and perspective. I learned how to breathe properly and use my breath as a bridge between my mind and body to encourage the synchronistic healing of both. I spent time with my food, preparing and consuming it with great gratitude for its pure nourishment and its sacrifice. All along the way my herbal plant allies were there aiding and supporting the natural processes within myself on my healing journey. My human allies helped too; forming an ever growing tribe to which I proudly belong.

Now it's my turn to share these gifts and inspire you. My passion is to encourage, empower and support you to become your own healer and your best self to give out to the world. In this way we can all do our part to change it for the better. Are you ready?