The Inspired Spring

The Inspired Spring


“As an herbalist, reiki master teacher, health coach, gardener, chef and earth dwelling human, I have ambitious aspirations to change our collective mindset in regard to the natural world from one of separateness and supriority to one of belonging, cooperation, and reverence. I believe to rekindle an understanding of our symbiotic relationship is to heal the earth as well as ourselves. We get there by reconnecting to nature, learning about where our food comes from, and how to heal ourselves naturally with what we put in our bodies, where we spend our time, and of course...plant medicine.”

Lauren Schoch


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Love & Gratitude

“Lauren is absolutely wonderful. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable about plant medicine, but she is deeply intuitive. Her powerful intuition guides everything she does, creating a practice rooted in the wild plant world, mythology, energy healing, and intuitive insight. Her presence is kind, loving, and supportive, making her easy to open up to in order to create big shifts. Both times I worked with her I received tangible information that demonstrably contributed to my life. I couldn’t recommend her more!”